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Registration Forms are available at the table by the candles. For information contact Mr. Nicholas Papadopoulos or Mrs. Irene Melachrinos.  CLICK HERE for the Sunday School Registration Form.


Every second Sunday of the month. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our community, please contact the Parish Council President.

Greek School News:

Registration Forms are available at the table by the candles. For more information please contact Mr. Nikos Zavolas or Mrs. Catherine Makridaki-Rompos.  CLICK HERE for the Greek School Registration Form.

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Monthly Philoptochos Meeting, every first Sunday of the month.

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Registration Forms are available at the table by the candles. For information please contact Mrs. Maria Caldara. CLICK HERE for the GOYA Registration Form. 

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Please consider Volunteering, for more information please contact Mrs. Vicki Ketikidis.

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Mommy & Me Class: 

Every 1st Monday of the month Our from 5:00- 6:00 pm join us with your toddler at the school library for an afternoon of fun activities for you and your child, in Greek.

IThe Church occupancy is limited to 90 people adding up to 100 with our essential personnel, attendees at this time, are on a first come, first serve basis.


We will continue to broadcast the Services for parishioners unable to attend. 

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Please see the attached letters from Fr. Peter for more information, as well as the Metropolis Three Phase program.

Reopening Letter from Father Peter - ENGLISH / GREEK



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Saturday, September 26th:
The Falling Asleep of St. John the Evangelist and Theologian

Orthros & Divine Liturgy:  9:00am


Sunday, September, 27th:
1st Sunday of Luke

Orthros & Divine Liturgy:  9:00am

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If you are having difficulty with the Divine Liturgy Registration, please call the office on Monday, Wednesday or Friday 10am-2pm for assistance.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

St. Demetrios Greek School of Union, NJ Wins Panhellenic Literature Competition

The National Herald

St. Demetrios Greek School of Union, NJ, Principal Katerina Makridaki-Rompos with the graduating students: (Left to right) Niki Economides, Demetri Barnat, Margarita Piplos, Principal Makridaki-Rompos, Christina Barnat, Eleni Frangos, and Nicholas Lachanaris. (Photo: Courtesy of St. Demetrios Greek School in Union, NJ)


8/6/2020 By Michalis Kakias     


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