Board of Education

President: Nikos Zavolas
Vice President:  Mata Agriantonis 
Secretary: Dr George Georgiou
Treasurer: Minas Economidis
Member: George Frangos
Member: Irene Melachrinos
Member: Dr Elias Grevogiannis 
Member: Nikos Saketos
Member: Vicky Kitikidis


Catherine Makridaki Rompos  

Director of the Greek School Library:
Valasia Mouhtidiotou Georgiou

Catherine Makridaki Rombos 

Mata Agriantonis 

Nikos Zavolas

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CLICK HERE for pictures of the St. Demetrios Greek School participating in the 2019 Evzone Celebration at the Cathedral of St. John the Theologian, Tenafly.

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Ta Xefteria / Τα Ξεφτέρια


Greek Letters Day Celebration  in Paramus on Jan. 26, 2019

St. Demetrios Greek School celebrating 90 Years

Δωρεά Pan Gregorian Foundation στο ελληνικό σχολείο Αγίου Δημητρίου στο Union της Νέας Υερσέης

December 27, 2018:
ΝΕΑ ΙΕΡΣΕΗ. Το Pan Gregorian Foundation στις 11 Νοεμβρίου 2018 επιβράβευσε την προσπάθεια που γίνεται στο ελληνικό 


Mommy & Me
Greek School Library. First Monday of every month - 5:15pm. Greek school is excited to announce our new project: Mommy and Me class in Greek. Every 1st Monday of the month Our from 5:15 - 6:00 pm join us with your toddler at the school library for an afternoon of fun activities for you and your child, in Greek. Classes resume in September!  Please register by calling the church office at (908) 964-7957 
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2019 Greek School Christmas Pageant

St. Demetrios Greek School of Union, NJ Wins Panhellenic Literature Competition

The National Herald


St. Demetrios Greek School of Union, NJ, Principal Katerina Makridaki-Rompos with the graduating students: (Left to right) Niki Economides, Demetri Barnat, Margarita Piplos, Principal Makridaki-Rompos, Christina Barnat, Eleni Frangos, and Nicholas Lachanaris. (Photo: Courtesy of St. Demetrios Greek School in Union, NJ)


8/6/2020 By Michalis Kakias     


UNION, NJ – St. Demetrios Greek School in Union won first place in the Panhellenic Literature Competition, the school’s principal, Katerina Makridaki-Rompos told The National Herald.


This is the 9th Panhellenic Student Literature Competition entitled "Sofia Filntisi - the tree of Wisdom,” run by the Bougas Schools, and the competition is open to students of all grades in public and private schools in Greece, as well as Greek schools abroad.
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