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The St. Demetrios PTO is an organization of parents and teachers of the Saint Demetrios Greek School.  The PTO does different things during the year that enhance the educational environment of our children.   Our goal is to supplement the teachers and administration so they can do their best with resources that promote Greek language and culture. 

In order for the PTO to be effective and represent all the parents it's important for as many parents to be involved.  Many parents think due to their work or daily schedules that they cannot be included in meetings or different functions.  There are many different ways each parent can help.

WE appreciate any help from parent volunteers.  By volunteering you get to enjoy interacting with your kids, make new friends with other parents and making an impact in our children's lives.

If you have 5 minutes or a couple of hours, suggestions or ideas we would love to hear it! Please consider volunteering!

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